Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning Services
Due to the great demand from our clients and industry requirements, IDI has decided to offer a comprehensive approach to Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning Services that will coincide with our middleware offerings to provide our clients with a heightened level of protection from unplanned business outages that could damage their reputation and interrupt their business. . We work with “best in class” disaster recovery and business continuity consultants who employ leading edge practices and proven methodologies to safeguard client locations and personnel.
Our goal is to allow a client to achieve protection of their: people, business, and reputation, while complying with domestic and international regulatory requirements. A goal every company strives to achieve.
IDI will work with you on a tailored approach to implement or audit your existing disaster plan, or we will simply build the maximum disaster recovery and business continuity plans in a manner that is unique to your business.
Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Risk Management
    • Insuring that clients are in compliance and have proper insurance in place to protect the business
    • IT Technology Risk Management Audit
    • Compliance, including, but not limited to
      • Sarbanes Oxley
      • Gramm Leach Bliley
      • HIPAA
      • The Patriot Act
      • EPA / Superfund
      • Dodd Frank
      • Basel III
      • Supply Chain Identification and Recovery validation services
      • Adherence to OSHA, NPFA 1600, and DHS regulations
  • Crisis Management
    • Written procedures to follow when specific events occur like pandemics, or other events that can affect a business and its personnel.
  • Business Recovery Management
    • Developing recovery plans for business locations
  • Disaster Recovery Management
    • Developing recovery plans for IT organizations
  • Emergency Management
    • Developing plans with first responders like fire, police, emergency medical technicians to prepare for natural and man-made disasters (Hurricanes, Floods, even Terrorism)
    • Location Salvage and Restoration procedures in preparation for returning to the site after a disaster event
    • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) design and establishment to respond to disaster events
    • Recovery facility and networking services
    • Cloud computing to safeguard data
  • Information Security
    • Channel Security
    • Authentication
    • Security Exits
    • PKI
    • Platform Security
    • Access and DOS Attacks
  • Physical Security including Workplace Violence Prevention
    • Physical access to the building and areas contained within a building
    • Camera based security system
    • Card Keys for access to the facility
    • Guards to safeguard the facility and limit access
    • Shelter-in-place procedures for lockdown during emergency
  • Data Security and Encryption
    • Data Sensitivity Study
    • Access Controls and IT Security System;
    • ISO27000 Information Security Management System
IDI stands ready to work with you. Contact us today for a confidential analysis.