IDI - Business Partners

As a Premier IBM Business Partner, IDI has been selected as one of the three Worldwide WebSphere and Tivoli Service Providers retained by IBM. We have been recognized for our excellence in delivering premier Technology Solutions to our Customers throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our strengths are in the field of Integration, Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning.

Avada Software specializes in Enterprise Middleware solutions. Founded by some pioneers in SOA, MQ and J2EE technology, Avada Flagship product, Infrared360, is a holistic & innovative private cloud enabled portal providing administration, monitoring, testing, auditing & statistical reporting for Enterprise Middleware including WebSphere MQ, Tibco EMS, WAS, JBoss, TC Server, WMB and tangent technologies such as Datapower. Infrared360 is a single web application, yet scales to 2000+ endpoints without deploying anything (no agents, no scripts) to those endpoints. Using Secure Collaboration™ and delegated administration, the portal uniquely provides different business units or even different application users delegated virtual environments in which to work.

Information Design, Inc., announces its recognition as a JBoss Premier Business Partner.

As a Premier Business Partner in the Red Hat partner program,IDI has made an investment in certified personnel and in development and support of JBoss solutions. Becoming a Premier Business Partner, IDI is enabled to provide enterprise-class open source software and an eco-system of certified JBoss Enterprise Middleware products. IDI is one of a select group of partners, worldwide, who are committed to offering mission-critical, professional, open source JBoss technology and are backed by Red Hat's industry leading technical support.

This partnership with Red Hat enables IDI to leverage its experience and offer it's customers the level of integration and quality necessary to ensure the safe deployment and integration of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware platform.

Information Design, Inc., is a member of the HP/COMPAQ DSPP and all of the IDI products have been tested and fully support all of HP's platforms.

Intellinx develops and provides advanced enterprise integration and monitoring solutions that render e-business and application integration projects both cost-effective and risk-free. Sabratec's, Intellinx product is an innovative and unique legacy application monitoring solution for tracking business activity in real time. IntellinX can increase your responsiveness to problems and improve performance and availability of your business services. IntellinX introduces a new dimension in auditing and fraud detection-the ability to track the interaction of all end-users with all the legacy applications, zoom-in on specific suspicious user activity and replay every action performed within an application. IntellinX's detailed log of end-user access to applications helps large organizations to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA), HIPAA and other legislation. IDI is a Business Partner and Re-seller of the Intellinx Technology and resells throughout the U.S.

RSA is a world leader in Business Security products, providing hardware and software solutions.  These solutions have allowed Businesses to strengthen their network and application access in a cost effective manner.  IDI is an RSA registered Access Sales Partner.


KoolSpan, Inc.,

KoolSpan is a manufacturer and supplier of security products that provide Authentication and Remote Access in a single package without any servers. The patent-pending Smart Card system has simplified complex network security issues using a Lock and Key approach. The KoolSpan SecurEdge allows enterprises and all kinds of businesses to build secure wired or wireless networks with incredible ease, interoperability and an unmatched low total cost of operation. IDI is a Business Partner and Re-seller of the KoolSpan Technology, covering the NorthEast Corridor of the U.S..