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1. Introduction

Release 6.0.2c is a bug fix release, and is functionally equivalent to Release 6.0.1a.

2. Bug fixes

When machines of different architectures, which result in longs being of different size, are communicating, some numeric fields are incorrectly represented in the underlying ObjectQ transport protocol. This usually manifests itself as an application crashing. This is fixed in this release.

The man pages, etc. are the same as for Release 6.0.1a - only the libraries and headers (cpEnvelope.h and cpHandle.h) have changed. The libraries are 64-bit, and are enabled for WebSphere MQ only (since there is no 64-bit library for BEA messageQ). Applications built against this release are fully interoperable with applications built against earlier releases.

The ObjectQ log file will indicate the version of ObjectQ against which the application was built. This may also be determined using: strings myapp | grep Version.

3. Questions or Inquiries about this release

As always we welcome your inquiries, comments, suggestions and insight, so please contact us. The engineer responsible for this release is Brian Meekings and can be contacted at:

Information Design, Inc.
Office: (203) 245-0772

For other inquiries: or
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