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   Latest: Support for JMS3 and OpenJMS

August 21st 2022: ObjectQ version 6.2 is a Java-only release. It is functionally equivalent to 6.1, but introduces support for JMS3 (version 6.1 was JMS2 only) and OpenJMS.

The release notes can be found here.
The Java jar file can be downloaded here.
Sample code can be downloaded here.
The documentation is here.

July 31st 2022: ObjectQ version 6.1 introduces two changes from version 6.0.6:
  • A C++ client to Java server is now supported (although only for the IBM MQ JMS transport).
  • An authentication tag has been introduced to encryption to verify that the encrypted content has not been tampered with.
C++ 6.1 is fully interoperable with Java 6.1. Both are interoperable with 6.0.6, and earlier, versions, but only if encryption is disabled. This release is only supported on RHEL 8 and above, and requires openSSL version 3 if encryption is enabled.

The release notes for the C++ version can be found here, and for the Java version here.
The C++ libraries can be downloaded here, and the Java jar file here.
The C++ documentation is here, and the Java documentation here.

March 31st 2022: ObjectQ version 6.0.6 replaces the earlier BSAFE library, used for encryption, with OpenSSL. The BSAFE library is no longer supported.

The release notes for this version can be found here.

October 31st 2021: ObjectQ version 6.0.5 allows MIB files to be accessed by specifying a URL, rather than a filename, so that they can be kept in a central repository.

The release notes for this version can be found here.

March 15th 2018: a Java version of ObjectQ was released, offering extensible and flexible options for the ObjectQ/DSAP community to extend their legacy and new applications.

The release notes for this version can be found here, and the documentation here.

If you would like to participate in the beta program, please contact us at 203-245-0772, or objectq@idi-middleware.com.